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So you want to launch your new Mobile App right away,
but you have only tested with your computer.
Your Mom could not test it on her flip phone, and your friends all gave your App 5 stars, big surprise.

And you wonder, Will my App survive the Market?
Is there a way for me to quickly find out what real users with real devices think of my App?

Absolutely! It's called elusivestars, yes, i said, elusivestars, not the kind with big glasses hiding from the paparazzi.

How? It's super easy, just post your project, add the devices you want your App tested on, and checkout.
elusivestars handles all the details for you.
Such as Tester notification, App distribution and feedback collection and reporting.
You are notified when all the reviews are complete, and use the info to decide if your App is ready for the Market.

Other developers like us - will you?

droidastic gmbh

Wow! only took minutes to post a test. What's really cool is that I did not need my own testers, and I was able to select the mobile devices that I wanted to test on." Felix Gubitz - Owner/CEO

Soren Systems, Inc

elusivestars is a godsend for App developers. It's as simple as that. elusivestars is a must for any application that we are planning to release. Thank You, elusivestars for making this possible!" Jeff Sorrentino


elusivestars was a tremendous help in identifying where our app excelled -- and where we should put more focus. They will be a critical part of our app development in the future." David Ritland

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